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Monday, 29 July 2019

A Leap to Explore New Things

Exploring new things means delving into a distinct area you have never been exposed to, where everything is quite different and you steadily try to pick up new skills. This is what Vida Manuela Cornelius did when she first participated as Team Omotesando with Febe Rahellea in the ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2017. As an Accounting student from Universitas Indonesia, data science and data analytics were completely new and different from what she initially learned in college. Despite the contrary, Vida recognised that ADSE was a suitable platform to hone her natural curiosity and various skills she deemed crucial for her professional development. With determination and commitment, her team managed to deliver an outstanding presentation and win the competition as ADSE 2017 Regional Finals Runner-up.

“A leap to explore new things” was the sentence to perfectly describe Vida’s experience during the ASEAN Data Science Explorers 2017. Even though her partner and she were not familiar with data analytics or any of its software, they started to learn and understand about data science and data analytics software from the first encounter with SAP. With an enthusiastic attitude and a burning passion to learn new things, Vida eventually began to understand how captivating data science actually was. Once becoming familiar with the analytics software, Vida was able to combine her knowledge in Economics with her passion for problem-solving social issues.

Before her partner and Vida participated in ADSE 2017, her partner had previously written a paper on financial inclusion. Therefore, they decided to make the storyboard as the continuation of her partner’s paper with “Escalating Financial Inclusion Through Branchless Banking as a Solution to Poverty Eradication” as the title of the storyboard. Vida explained that a touch of newly picked skills from processing the data and having an initial understanding of the issue would help the team to explore further thus creating an interesting storyboard. With those reasons, her team proposed the solution to increase financial services’ access by using branchless banking which would lead to better growth of financial infrastructure.

Vida has always been fascinated with meaningful insights that data can generate after being processed correctly and she agrees that data science can be highly utilised in the business world; hence, her interest in data analytics has grown ever since. She currently works closely with data analytics as an Equity Research Analyst for J.P. Morgan, and her works consist of producing research reports, projections, and recommendations concerning companies and stocks to develop the expertise necessary to produce accurate projections and recommendations. In equity research, she always bases her analysis on data and uses Tableau when processing an enormous amount of data.

She encourages aspiring data analyst or anyone who is interested in data science to participate in ADSE since the competition can provide a platform for the participants to sharpen their analytic skills and to learn how to effectively present their findings. The skills she learned in ADSE had helped her to start her career as Equity Research Analyst and developed her capabilities in analytical and logical thinking. It is also thought to be helpful in leveraging participants’ capability that will help them to be a well-rounded individual. All in all, you don't need to be intimidated by a big amount of data or numbers because you are actually using them on a daily basis!

Article by Ashila Nafisaputri, Communication Intern, Public Relations Student at Universitas Padjadjaran

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