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Wednesday, 20 February 2019

Embracing the Beauty of Diversity with Nada

Meet our distinguished finalist from Indonesia, Nada Celesta! For Nada the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest was a good opportunity for young film makers to improve their skills beyond their boundaries. The most memorable moment for Nada was the time when she was challenged to make a video on the spot. It was the first time for her to make an impromptu video as she’s only given a little time to complete the video that includes the shooting and editing, thus it was considered pretty challenging. With the challenging moments, also come the fun memories. Nada had the opportunity to be paired with other participant to complete the challenge so it also thought her to collaborate in such a limited time.

Despite the distinctive backgrounds of all participants, Nada cherished the time she spent building friendship with diverse participants from eight ASEAN Member States. The time she and other participants had at night strolling around Singapore to buy a dinner will always be something she remembered as they made a lot of fun memories while enjoying what Singapore had to offer. It showed her that even though the participants came from different countries and not completely similar in culture or language, somehow they would still have the common ground as a part of ASEAN. The experience has thought Nada how to coexist with diversity and she will always hold the memories dear to her heart.

Through the video workshop, Nada learned that it is important for a video to deliver a substantial key message besides the sophisticated visual tricks, where Nada found very challenging as she has very few experience regarding the message she wanted to deliver in the video. Thus, the workshop provided her the opportunity to strengthen her key skills in video making in further. Principally, for Nada the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest has been the tipping point for her as the experience made her more determined to pursue her video making career.

Nada got the inspiration for her video titled "Believe in Peace, Live in Peace" from her experience in the social media world. One day, a friend of Nada made an instagram story where she wrote that she was disappointed with how there were so many tragic events caused by intolerance in Indonesia. The intolerance issues were so frequently covered in the media that she started to feel like it is the new normal. Thus the issues made “diversity” seems so divisive was perceived as disadvantage for a nation. From her experience, she aims to show the Southeast Asia audience that diversity could be the positive drive that bonded us together. Thus, her video tells about how people are being pessimistic about the beauty of diversity and how we can turn it around.

In the video-making process, Nada also encountered several challenges that made her learning process more intriguing. The technical process in script writing and long hours of brainstorming for video’s key message would be two of the most challenging moment. Nada and team also go through the jaded phase when the rising intolerance issue in her country caused outbreaks. It affects her team spirit as the happening is what they want to counter in the video. Thankfully they got through the doubt by consulting to their lecturer and peers on how to see diversity in a more optimistic way. That really inspired Nada and her team to bringing back positive energy to in the video. To be confident in their skills and overcome their self-doubt would be the most rewarding lessons for Nada and the team.

Nada’s message for the aspiring 5th ASEAN Youth Video Contest Finalist would be to optimise in every learning experience as good as possible and build lasting friendship with the ASEAN friends as those experiences will go along the way. In Nada’s words, “Don't forget to enjoy every second of it. When the competition is over, you will definitely miss it!

P.S.: Also the catering provided at the workshop was really nice. Please eat well. Have a good meal!"

Article by Sarah Deja Meirizka, an International Relations scholar at Universitas Padjadjaran and a Communication Intern at the ASEAN Foundation.