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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Start From Scratch Into a National Champion with Data Science

“To those wanting to try out their analytic skills, we encourage you guys to try out SAP” - BRUGEN35 (Syuria Hashim and Wafie Noordin)

With no particular background in data analytics, Syuria Hashim and Wafie Noordin from Universiti Teknologi Brunei took the challenge to join ASEAN Data Science Explorers (ADSE) 2018. They said that even though they are new to data analytics and SAP Analytics Cloud software, which is a software that is mostly known by the business and computing background, they would like to be exposed to data analytics because it's needed for the job of tomorrow.

As students from the engineering faculty, they picked up a topic that goes back to their roots as civil engineering students. They believe that the inertia in adopting innovative construction development “concerns the future of Southeast Asia’s infrastructure.” They found that data analytics skills and an appropriate data analytics software enabled them to display impactful data showing that there is a problem in the construction industry and that there is an opportunity to change and benefit from.

When asked about the benefit of learning data analytics and participating in ADSE, Syuria shared “I feel that if I have this software it'll make my life easier in terms of finishing my assignments and projects. As for the ADSE, I think this kind of competition gives a platform for us to speak out our cause without being afraid of the dangers of the real world.”

Article by Randa Sandhita, a Communication Consultant at the ASEAN Foundation.

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