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Friday, 8 February 2019

Harmonising the Southeast Asia Diversity with Rishjen

Meet our distinguished Runner-up of the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest, Risjhen Rajasingam Velsine from Malaysia! Risjhen admits that the experience he had at ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2018 contributed significantly in shaping his perspective towards filmmaking. Through meeting youths across Southeast Asia from distinctive backgrounds, he feels honored to represent Malaysia in the regional stage.

Rishjen also treasured the time he spent in the video workshop session. Mentored by renowned filmmaking expert, Sir Horea Salajan, in Singapore, has shifted his perspective on taking the right angle of the story. As easy it sounds to pick a camera and shoot, for Risjhen there’s a lot of stories behind the shot and the workshop showed him that each angle had a significant tale to tell. Thus the workshop has helped him to analyse every single shot that he took for his video.

The inspiration for Rishjen’s video came from the vision on how our life could be more harmonised in the midst of diversity. To Rishjen, coming from a country with various ethnic groups has helped him in capturing the emotions and genuine story for his video. With that, also comes the challenge to make an emotional connection with audience coming from different background in Southeast Asia and ensure that the message delivered accurately. Through his video, Rishjen wants to showcase the notion that diversity in Southeast Asia could be the drive that unifies us if we relish the opportunity with tolerance and respect.

For Rishjen, having the people who supports him through the challenging times has helped him in showcasing his best potential in the video. His passion for understanding the distinctive cultures across Southeast Asia has also get him through the tough times in translating his vision into visuals.

Based on his experience, being true to himself and highlighting the story that resonates the most with his interest has brought a long way for Rishjen. Thus, for the aspiring winners of the 2019 ASEAN Youth Video Contest, Rishjen encourages you to welcome the limitless possibilities in showcasing the message in your video because Rishjen believes that no idea is too simple or too grand. In Rishjen’s words, “When the idea comes from the heart it will shine a light and resonates with various audience in ASEAN. I wish everyone all the best!”

Article by Sarah Deja Meirizka, an International Relations scholar at Universitas Padjadjaran and a Communication Intern at the ASEAN Foundation.