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Friday, 3 February 2017

Learning Professional Skills and Knowledge in a Fun Work Environment

My name is Syamimi Abdullah Saaban studying at the Asia-Europe Institute (AEI), University of Malaya, Malaysia.
For me, Internships are professional apprenticeship experiences that give students the opportunity to gain practical experience in a professional environment. It is the opportunity for a student to take what I have learned in the classroom and apply it in the real world.

Undertaking two-month-internship in ASEAN Foundation has thought me a lot both on job-related skills and also self-improvement skills. I am thankful for the job experience that the Foundation has exposed me. My daily internship responsibilities included background or preliminary research on ASEAN issues such as terrorism, potential partnership with corporate and NGOs such as Bosch, Teach 4 All, report writing, attending and reporting on meetings, constructing databases and organizing events.

With all the responsibilities given, I have also improved a lot on my interpersonal skills. It is a chance for me to develop and improve my communication skills to communicate effectively with different people such as the public, the government personnel, corporate bodies and colleagues and using the correct lingo when communicate with them. Among valuable lesson that my supervisor, Ms Mirna taught me is to listen to what is not being said during discussion and to always be diplomatic when dealing with people.

Completing an internship in international bodies such as ASEAN Foundation will bolster my resume quality and allows me to acquire essential professional skills that will help me succeed in my career. It also helps me gain stronger credibility in job interviews and set me apart from other students. I also get a chance to expand my networking and make useful professional connection.

Personally, being an intern in ASEAN Foundation is a fun and memorable experience to me. I get to work with knowledgeable and professional colleagues without leaving the fun part behind. It is always full of laughter in ASEAN Foundation. You will never get bored!

Lastly, congratulation ASEAN Foundation on your 20th birthday this year! May you be always spreading the ASEAN awareness and continue to touch the hearts of 625 million people of ASEAN