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Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Learning to Express Ideas and Respect Other People’s View-points

Hello ASEAN people! My name is Nurul Hazirah Binti Sapeai, 25 years old from Malaysia. I recently graduated from University of Malaya in October 2015, majoring in Southeast Asian Studies. And now, I am currently completing my studies in International Masters in ASEAN Studies in University of Malaya. In order to fulfill the requirements of my studies, I have to do internship outside my home country, Malaysia. Due to that reason, I decided to apply internship at ASEAN bodies, seems it really related to what I am study right now. Since I’m aware that the level of awareness on ASEAN is quite low among peoples in ASEAN itself, I was very interested to join internship with ASEAN Foundation because the main mandate of ASEAN Foundation is to promote greater awareness of ASEAN.

Here we goes, theory and practical are two different things. Under Executive Director, Ms. Elaine Tan who is my supervisor, now I know how ASEAN bodies working in the real life, not just on textbooks. Thanks to her, I was able to attend ASEAN Culture and Arts Cooperation Dialogue. Through this dialogue, I was able to see in the real life how dialogue was conducted. For me, it was a good exposure and a new experience. On top of that, by attending this kind of events, I was able to learn how to socialize with peoples and build a networking.

To be truth, actually I was quite worried what people in ASEAN Foundation would look like. Either they were welcoming or not. In the end, I realised that people here are very helpful and friendly. Even sometimes when I got really stressed with work, I still managed to complete my tasks because of their help. I learned a lot here about the real world of working, teamwork, and how to respect other people opinion. People here are very open minded and accepting. Your voice will be heard, even you are young. From my perspective they are really professional people and I really enjoy working as a team under the Foundation. It has been wonderful time to intern here. I believe that my internship experience with the ASEAN Foundation is a valuable asset to my personal skill that will beneficial for my future employment working in an international organisation.

My last word is, ASEAN Foundation has made me a better person, I have changed, grown, and learned many new things each day.

Thank you AF !
Be Better, Be ASEAN !
Love you ASEAN Foundation !