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Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Living the Dream with ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2018

Meet our first winner of ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2018, Troy L. Valdehueza from the Philippines! The recently graduated high school scholar admits that the most memorable experience from his journey in the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest #AYVC2018 would be the trip to Singapore with other like-minded ASEAN youth.

Aside from his first ever international experience, Troy was able to meet new friends, who happened to share the same interests and passion in the filmmaking. Troy was able to explore Singapore in the most rewarding ways where he attained various techniques from the expert-led filmmaking workshop.

Through this workshop, Troy had an opportunity to be mentored by a multi-skilled expert media advisor, Sir Horea Salajan. He admits that the mentoring session has given him the professional touch in his filmmaking techniques and broaden his perspectives about filmmaking process in exceptional ways. Undoubtedly, it has accelerated his skills as filmmaker and strengthen his passion in the field.

Troy admits that he gained the inspiration for winning video from his preceding journey to a Lumad school – a community that teaches indigenous children in Mindanao, the Philippines. The ideas came to him when Troy had the opportunity to directly interact with the indigenous kids and witnessed them presenting their cultural rituals. Soon, Troy had the idea to concept his video for the contest.

Troy mentioned the process of concept development and producing the video are two of the most challenging times. Especially in showcasing the genuine culture of the Philippines to regional audience, Troy feels that the cultural presentation needs to be as authentic as possible. At that time, Troy and his team were doing their best as they were facing their national final test and about to graduate from high school. Luckily, through determination and their collective efforts, Troy and team managed to snatch the achievements in both realms.

For the aspiring winners of ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2019, Troy encourages you to follow your true passion! Share the story that resonates the most with your purpose and value, and don’t forget to utilise the opportunity to showcase the things that you found really matters. Believing in oneself, personally goes a long way for Troy. Being the youngest contestant of the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest has taught him the power of self-willed, he believes that passion beats talent, with the help of your inspiration and the right people you can only do so much, maybe even greater than you can ever imagine! In Troy’s words, live your dream and make it happen!

Article by Sarah Deja Meirizka, an International Relations scholar at Universitas Padjadjaran and a Communication Intern at the ASEAN Foundation.

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