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Friday, 29 March 2019

Meet our artistic ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2018 from Myanmar

For Ah Khee Chel, the ASEAN Youth Video Contest was the highlight of his 2018 as the contest gave the much-needed exposure and opportunity for him to improve his skills in video making.

During the course of 4 days workshop in Singapore, Ah Khee has gained many new insights for his filmmaking techniques, especially on story development and video editing. He feels that the workshop has boosted not only his skills but the confidence to create more meaningful videos as it would be his first time attending such a workshop.

Besides the mind-broadening insights that he gained, Ah Khee also cherished the time spent in getting to know other ASEAN Youth Video Contest 2018 finalist. For Ah Khee, this is his first time being exposed to the multicultural scene that is very diverse, yet harmonized. He will always remember the time that he spent strolling around Singapore’s historical places and hunting for dinner while enjoying Singapore’s city lights with good companies. The bond that Ah Khee built with other finalists will always be something that Ah Khee treasured.

For his video, Ah Khee acquired his inspiration from the people around him. He sees that diversity should make our life more interesting and more colorful, but his ideal doesn’t apply to reality. Thus through his video, he wants to show the audience that we could also live peacefully in diversity with mutual understanding and respect.

The biggest challenge that he encountered was the characterization of his story. Ah Khee feels that character is the most crucial part in the video so he took many considerations while developing the character. Moreover, it was also another challenge for him to find the right actor to portray his story as only a few of Ah Khee’s friends are fluent in English. With that, instead of putting long dialogues in the video, Ah Khee tried to express the story through video scenes.

In Ah Khee’s perspective, the ASEAN Youth Video Contest is an outstanding avenue for the youth who are keenly interested in filmmaking realm, as the contest broaden Ah Khee’s insight and shifted his point of view towards filmmaking. In Ah Khee’s word, “do not hesitate to enter this year and be the representative of your country!”

Article by Sarah Deja Meirizka, a Communication Intern at the ASEAN Foundation, International Relations Student at Universitas Padjadjaran, Indonesia

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