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Friday, 10 June 2016

Open up Your Mind, Let Yourself Learn and Grow

Hi, my name is Ak. Mohd. Salihuddin bin Pg. Jamaludin, 22 from Brunei Darussalam. I am currently studying in Universiti Brunei Darussalam, majoring in Accounting and Finance in the School of Business and Economics. My university has a programme called the Discovery Year whereby students in their third year of their degree are encouraged to explore and gain experience and knowledge outside of the university. We either study abroad, undergo student exchange with a partnering university, volunteer doing community service, practice our entrepreneur side through incubation or undertake internship in an institution.

I underwent the student exchange programme to Tokyo before I undertook my internship in the second semester. For my internship, I was placed at the ASEAN Foundation in Jakarta, Indonesia. For me, it was a nerve-wrecking experience as I have no working experience prior to it. The fact that I have never been to Indonesia did not help alleviate my nervousness.

However, the moment I set foot into the office, I was greeted with hospitality and friendliness. They treated me not as just another co-worker but also as a friend. It is part of the reason why I could quickly get accustomed to the working environment. My supervisor, Bu Piranti, was a great mentor. She guided me through each task, making sure that I gained new experience and knowledge along the way while at the same time, utilizing everything that I have learned in lectures and tutorials in my university.

Therefore, this internship has been a great experience and, with it, I now have working experience in my field of study. In the competitive job arena of Brunei, this experience has given me an important advantage over the other applicants. My advice is to keep your mind open to suggestions and criticism because all around you are people with years of working experience under their belt. Every word they say, whether it’s an advice or a criticism, holds wisdom that you cannot afford to ignore