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Friday, 28 October 2016

Pursuing Dream in Sakura Land

An enthusiast young and professional Marketing Communication student, Maudy Elvira Saraswati also known as Maudy, had successfully received a full scholarship to do a one semester away in one of the highest ranked universities in Asia known as Kyoto University in Kyoto, Japan. She went to Kyoto last September undertaking a short-term study in the university under the Framework of the ASEAN Credit Transfer System (ACTS) Programme. Since 2015, the ASEAN Foundation has been partnering with Kyoto University and the Japan ASEAN Solidarity Fund to implement the ACTS programme to support and promote people connectivity between ASEAN and Japan.

Born in 1996, Maudy is currently in her third year at University of Indonesia majoring Public Relations. Despite her tight schedule as a undergraduate student, she still managed to be active in a number of activities outside campusy. With her strong interest in French movies and music, she spends her weekends taking French Class to deepen her skills and knowledge. Maudy is now able to speak in six different languages, which are Bahasa Indonesia, English, French, Korean, Arabic and Japanese.

Maudy exclaimed, “The only one worth the comparison is the yesterday version of you.” “If we keep comparing ourselves with other people, I feel like we will never reach the point where we could be proud of ourselves without questioning our strengths, because there will always be someone, somewhere else that will always have more than you,” she added.

Through this scholarship programme, she wants to share her experiences and to inspire Indonesian students to always keep their passions and desire to learn and grow, weather in Indonesia or abroad. She believes that in order to help improve ourselves we sometimes need to expand our comfort zone. In addition, Maudy hopes that she can apply all the positive experiences she had learned in Kyoto to her own country, Indonesia, and also to her University for a better future.

“I believe that this scholarship programme creates opportunities for each ASEAN citizen to share their cultures and values as well as to exchange ideas about ASEAN as a whole, and hopefully we, the young generations will be able to contribute to bringing a better future for ASEAN,” explained Maudy.