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Friday, 1 March 2019

Pursuing the Filmmaking Dream with Chesda

Meet Ek Rithy Chesda, our enthusiastic #AYVC2018 finalist from Cambodia! For Chesda, the most memorable moment of the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest would be the time he got the privilege to be directly mentored by distinguished Horea Salajan. The color grading tips and tricks that Horea thought will be something he cherishes the most. Overall, Chesda feels that the video production workshop has taught him a lot that he feels more confident in reaching the new heights of his career.

Furthermore, Chesda got the boat analogy inspiration from the coexisting diversity in ASEAN. On the first 30-second video, there was a scene of few people working on the bridge, in Chesda’s words, “It represented my theme of diversity”. Meanwhile on the other scene, you will see those people wavering water on a small paper boat. That paper boat represents the flow that ASEAN went through together in order to stay peaceful during the Cold War.

The most challenging process for Chesda was picking the right actress. Chesda had to change the original story line because the original actress was busy and couldn’t help. The original script was very different from the presented video. The actress was supposed to be a character who has dark skin and come from a province to live in the city to experience life and meet new people. The people have distinctive features while at the same time they speak the same language and communicate the same way regardless of race and color. However, the actress couldn't make it and it was a pretty busy month for Chesda, so he decided to cut the video as same as his last scene.

Chesda messages for all young filmmaker that aspires to participate in the 5th ASEAN Youth Video Contest would be, “to work hard and give your best so you could represent your country in ASEAN stage!”