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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Learning New Things and Be Confident to Express Ideas

Hi! I am Nur Diyanah from Indonesia. I am a student of Universitas Padjadjaran batch 2013 majoring in communication management. On August 2016, I challenged myself to take the opportunity for being a communications intern at ASEAN Foundation. Well, this is actually also an assignment from my college as a final year student.

At the first time, I did ask myself “do I really have guts to work in an international organization?” It turned out that it was so fun and the staffs were so nice and friendly. They are not like a kind of intimidating staff yet they are like another buddies who can fit in your squad. Anyway, God also sent me new friends here, in the ASEAN Foundation; Wei, Lyssa, Kevin, and Mimi, who are also interns like me. I learned another cultures from Mimi and Wei since they are from Malaysia and Singapore. Yap! One of the perks of being an intern at the ASEAN Foundation is you can get new friends from another country and you can learn another culture from them.

Let me tell you another perks of being an intern at ASEAN Foundation.

While I was interning, I was supervised by Mbak Nanda, and was ordered to help the communications things. My major task was to help produce designs for all communication products. I made e-posters to be posted on ASEAN Foundation social media channels and was given a trust to be the social media administrator. I supported the social media management at the ASEAN Foundation. I helped build online strategy to increase the engagements, get more traffics, and gain new likers, followers, and fans in social media. And then, I made the social media analytics such as the likers growth analytic.

The aim of this social media strategy is to gain awareness of ASEAN issues and engage the netizens. From it, I learned how to use social media more effective in reaching the aim of an organisation and learned to express my ideas without being afraid of other people’s judgements. I must say I was lucky my supervisor was so welcomed and always encourage me to share ideas.
Furthermore, I had a chance to be involved in several ASEAN events including ASEAN day, ASEAN Youth Video Contest Talk Show, and ASEAN Conference on Social Entrepreneurship.

For me, the best part was when I met the ASEAN Social Entrepreneurs in the ASEAN Conference on Social Entrepreneurship, they were so inspiring and had inspired me to work harder and harder and give more kindness to others so I could become an inspiring person like them. I also observed how the diplomats work by witnessing the Board of Trustees Meeting and The Visit of Junior Diplomats Training. I have learned so much things by seeing how they discussed to tackle the ASEAN issues.

I am so thankful for having an internship at ASEAN Foundation, and many thanks to Ms. Elaine and Mbak Nanda who gave me this chance. They say, everything happens for a reason. I think my internship has not only given me more knowledge and completed my final assignment as an undergraduate student, but it also has given me memory which is worth to remember. I had wonderful time with all staffs in the ASEAN Foundation and with all my fellow interns. I shall cherish the laughter we’ve shared during my three-month-internship here.