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Thursday, 31 January 2019

Converting "Job Seekers" into "Job Creators" with John and Jade

Meet John and Jade from the Philippines, our runner-up of the 2018 ASEAN Data Science Explorers competition. John and Jade are both passionate scholars from Nueva Ecija University of Science and Technology, Cabanatuan City, the Philippines. Besides their passion for education, John is part of his University’s folkloric dance troupe, while Jade creates short-films.

John and Jade challenges the meta narrative of "job-seekers" mind set of fresh graduates, instead they encourage the youth to explore the opportunities of being the "job-creators" through their project ‘Recalibrating Educational Gears Through Entrepreneurship Education’. The idea was inspired by the high number of young graduates unable to find jobs in the ASEAN region.

A typhoon, lack of internet and the daunting task of learning data analytics could not stop the team from completing their project. John admits they found themselves spending many hours in shopping malls due to a lack of fast internet at home. The team also faced difficulties in travelling to the National Finals, in the Capital, Manila due to the category 5 Typhoon, Ompong. John said the team would have missed the finals if the event had not been rescheduled.

The team believes that participation in the ADSE competition has given them valuable exposure to the international arena and a new confidence in public speaking and presenting. They hope to share the skills and knowledge gained from participation with their fellow countryfolk and their future students. Their advice for those thinking of joining ADSE 2019? Have a passion for your topic! Both John and Jade are currently pursuing their dream of becoming educators to encourage the youth of tomorrow to dream for a better future.

The ASEAN Foundation wishes them all the success for their future endeavours and congratulates John and Jade for their placement in the 2018 ADSE Competition!

Article by Joseph Cruickshank, a Geoscience Student at University of Sydney and a Programme Intern at the ASEAN Foundation.

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