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Friday, 5 May 2017

The CGI-ASEAN Foundation Scholarship Gave Me Hopes for the Future

My name is Ismi Farah. I was graduated from Sunan Gunung Djati Islamic State University, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia, before being accepted to pursue my master degree in he Chulabhorn Graduate Institute (CGI), Thailand. Now I am a Professional teacher in science.

It was always my dream to continue my study after I finished my bachelor degree in Biology. During that time I was really interested in Environmental toxicology field. While I seek the opportunities in the internet, I found the CGI-AF scholarship offering a scholarship in this field. I was so grateful that my advisors fully supported me at that time.

I had so many memorable moments during my study there. One of them was when a number of world renowned scientists in the field of toxicology came to CGI to give us guest lectures. I had good time and enjoyed my time learning from them. The opportunity to make friends from many different countries and spent times with them is another exciting part of being a CGI-ASEAN Foundation scholar. I learned many things about Thailand and its culture from them.

It was really a rewarding experience. I got very good environment to study and to do research. I enjoyed every single lecture I attended, not only because the topic was interesting but also the professors who gave us the lectures were coming from some prestigious universities. That was indeed such an honor for me to learn from them. The lecturers given by the Thai lecturers were great as well. They kindly guided us, gave us motivation and encouragement if we had hard times in our study.

The research environment is another thing that I was grateful for. The institute provides good facilities for research, and everyone was always willing to help me, give support and encouragement. The time I spent for research gave me experience and knowledge and taught myself how to be independent, work hard, and to solve my own problem and come up with better solution.

Living in Thailand also allowed me to travel to some parts of the country and learn its culture. My life there obviously was not only about study, I learned many things, met new people from other countries, then learned new things from them (their culture and experiences) and the greatest thing is that I have made lifetime friends. We keep in touch until now.

The scholarship has enabled me to commit to furthering myself without additional worries. The options that are now open to me are numerous. For me this scholarship is about much more than being able to study freely for my master degree, it is also about how much my life has changed and how positive I feel towards the future. I am really grateful for obtaining this scholarship. It changed the way I work, the way I think, the way I see the world, especially the way I see myself.

(Written by Ismi Farah, a recipient of CGI-ASEAN Foundation Scholarship from Indonesia)

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