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Wednesday, 13 February 2019

Thi Nguyễn Lê Minh experience in taking the chance with ASEAN Youth Video Competition 2018

Meet our talented Second Runner-up, Thi Nguyễn Lê Minh from Viet Nam! The warm-hearted young filmmaker from Viet Nam sees the 4th ASEAN Youth Video Contest (AYVC) as an astonishing playground for ASEAN Youth to connect and dynamically growing together in the filmmaking realms. Thi feels that she attained many fresh perspectives and everlasting moments in the filmmaking workshop, especially in the last day when it’s time to say goodbye with other contestants.

Through the genuine friendships and rewarding learning experience, four days has never been so short for Thi. As she made many timeless memories with other contestants, she admits that she feels very grateful to be able to represent Viet Nam and meet like-minded ASEAN youth with the common vision.

For Thi, the 4th AYVC has kick-started her filmmaking career in the international stage and shifted her perspective in seizing many development opportunities. As an art scholar, she considered the opportunities as her homeworks. When Thi entered for university, she participated in various art contests and striving to learn from them. Aside from her experience in many contests, participating in international contest is a challenge for her. At the given time, Thi feels that she was still learning on how to win in local contest but something in her tells her that she shouldn’t miss the opportunity.

Having faith in herself, Thi signed up for the 4th AYVC with the belief that even if she didn’t get the greatest mark, she will always have something to learn. Now, looking back she always treasured her decision in taking the chance to submit a video to the 4th AYVC and gained self-confidence to expand her experience in the international stage.

One lesson Thi will always remembers, the film-making workshop would be the opportunity to learn about how to reveal a compelling story. She strongly believes that the most crucial aspect of the video production is the message that we are going to deliver through our creation. Principally, for Thi, a video can not be a whole masterpiece without a good story. Thus, she always strives to deliver the message that she feels matters the most for her audience.

With that also comes a challenge for Thi to present an astonishing story for her video. When the workshop day came, she is still in the process of completing her story. She was able to form the core ideas in the first day of film-making workshop, when the trainer required her to write down the possible story ideas. Finally, she managed to finished the story when she came back to Viet Nam.

For the story that she showcased in the winning video, Thi got the inspiration from her new friends at the 4th AYVC workshop. She feels inspired with the similarities that they shared aside from the fact that they are all coming from diverse backgrounds. Through her experience, she learnt that when we are able to open our heart to anyone, nothing can stop us from building the genuine friendship.

Thi’s message for the aspiring winners of the 5th AYVC is to spend more time thinking about the story that you want to deliver in the video. For her, there’s no need to make a lot of fancy effects, tips or tricks in the video. When you already have a good story, you’ll find the best way to express the message into the video! As said by Thi enthusiastically, “The ASEAN Youth Video Contest is worth trying! No more waiting, just do it now!”

Article by Sarah Deja Meirizka, an International Relations scholar at Universitas Padjadjaran and a Communication Intern at the ASEAN Foundation.