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Monday, 10 July 2017

Volunteering is the Best Way to Unleash Your Inner Potential!

Ecofun Indonesia is a youth-led social enterprise that focuses on environmental education and science communication. The organization claimed one of the finalist spots for the recent Youth Volunteering Innovation Challenge (YVIC) 2017 organised by UN Volunteers, the International Labour Organisation (ILO), the ASEAN Foundation, the ASEAN Secretariat, SAP, with the close support of the Government of Germany. Ecofun Indonesia seeks to educate the public of environmental conservation and sustainable development through interactive and entertaining means. Ecofunopoly and Ecofun Community, founded in 2009, are some examples of the projects the enterprise leads. In line with this vision, Ecofun also organises the EcofunGo! Festival, an ongoing series of environmental campaign for kids that takes place in three ASEAN cities: Bogor (Indonesia), Manila (Philippines), and Maubin (Myanmar).

“For more than 8 years building Ecofun Community, I realized that volunteering is the best way for youth to find their inner potential and what they want to do. Having a decision to be a social entrepreneur is a mixture of my academic, professional and volunteering experiences,” said Annisa, creator of Ecofunopoly and team member of Ecofun. She further adds that every youth should do voluntary work at least once in their lifetime. ASEAN hold the 3rd largest population in the world, where about 65% is under 35 years old. The future of ASEAN is heavily reliant on our youths today.

The experience participating in the YVIC was enriching for Annisa and her team representing Ecofun. “I got a chance to introduce the value of Ecofunopoly and Ecofun Indonesia into both UN level and ASEAN level. My team and I also got experiences in doing different way of workshop, which is fun and interactive,” explained Annisa.

As Ecofun Indonesia team believes that volunteering matters for youths in ASEAN, they seek to impact youth by establishing itself as the leading social enterprise capable of raising environmental awareness and promote science communication with the spirit of volunteerism. “We integrate the environmental aspect by imparting knowledge from our product, social aspect by running a social campaign, and economic aspect by providing job opportunities,” commented Annisa. The main objective is to see a change in the behavior of all beneficiaries and inspire the youth to do their part for environmentalism.

The recent Ecofun Go! Festival held in Bogor city, Indonesia, on the 27th of August 2017 was successful in impacting youths and the larger Bogor community. It was the first ASEAN Environmental Education Festival for Kids in Bogor City, which is part of campaign project “Ecofun Go! ASEAN”. The main attraction of Ecofun Go! Festival is the Ecofunopoly Game created in 2009 by the organisation. Ecofunopoly, an environmental board game that aim to raise awareness, is available in 2 themes, 5 languages and 2 sizes, made by recycled paper. The concept of the Ecofun Go! Festival is green lifestyle where visitors were encouraged to practice sustainable living such as using personal bottles instead of disposable bottled water. Several competitions promoting awareness in Ecofun’s vision of an environmentally sustainable world were held throughout the day, actively engaging young minds and hearts. Other attractions include the Ecofun Bazaar and Ecofun Expo, further sharing positive impacts and inculcating environmental awareness in the community.