Communication Consultant for the ASEAN Digital Innovation Programme, an ASEAN Foundation – Microsoft Initiative

Deadline: 2019-03-28


Communication Consultant for

the ASEAN Digital Innovation Programme, an ASEAN Foundation – Microsoft Initiative


Communication Consultant for the ASEAN Digital Innovation Programme, an ASEAN Foundation-Microsoft Initiative


Consultancy Service

Direct Report to

Communication Manager


Three decades after ASEAN was established, ASEAN Leaders recognised that: there remained inadequate shared prosperity, ASEAN awareness, and contact among people of ASEAN.

It was of this concern that ASEAN Leaders established the ASEAN Foundation during ASEAN’s 30th Anniversary Commemorative Summit in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia on 15 December 1997. After its establishment, the ASEAN Foundation has been tasked to support ASEAN’s community building efforts by promoting greater awareness of the ASEAN identity, human resource development, people-to-people interaction, and close collaboration among the business sector, civil society, academia, and other stakeholders in ASEAN.

We continue to complement ASEAN priorities. To date, we work to strengthen the ASEAN Community. We work in four thematic areas of education, arts and culture, media development, and community building. We provide support in the form of scholarships, fellowships internships and exchanges. We organize meetings, conferences, roundtables and workshops in support of the ASEAN Community.

As an ASEAN’s body, the Foundation is tasked to support ASEAN mainly in promoting awareness, identity, interaction and development of the people of ASEAN. For more information, visit:


The ASEAN Foundation aims to amplify its efforts in pursuing its mandate under its education pillar by partnering with Microsoft for a new regional initiative, which will be run from April to December 2019, targeted at underserved youths in Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam.

The new initiative itself serves to provide digital skills training, specifically computer education training, to youths aged 15 to 35 years old in the seven ASEAN countries to prepare them for the digital age and Industrial Revolution 4.0 for youths. The skills are also important for the youths to address national and regional issues.

Communication plays key part in ensuring the success of the programme. Therefore, a communication campaign will be implemented throughout the programme by harnessing social media platforms, media relations, and other communication means to encourage more educators and students to learn digital skills, in particular computer science education, and to influence education policies. One of the key outcomes of the programme is to establish the Future Ready Asia website, the main website of this programme, as the foremost e-platform for youths in ASEAN to learn digital skills. The communication campaign must ensure that the website can reach as many youths across ASEAN as it can. For this reason, a very capable Communication Consultant who has extensive experience in developing and implementing impactful campaign is needed to support the initiative. At the same time, the Consultant will also assist communication efforts of the ASEAN Foundation as an organisation.


The main objective of Communication Consultant is to develop and implement a successful communication campaign of the ASEAN Digital Innovation programme by achieving the following:

  1. The target audience know and understand about the ASEAN Digital Innovation programme, particularly about the Future Ready Asia website.
  2. The target audience are convinced about the benefits of thea, ASEAN Digital Innovation programme, particularly of the Future Ready Asia website.
  3. The target audience acknowledge positive contribution of ASEAN Digital Innovation programme in improving digital literacy in ASEAN.

To ensure a successful communication campaign, the Communication Consultant must achieve the following outcomes:

  1. Comprehensive and objective-oriented communication strategy developed
  2. Clear branding guidance developed
  3. Solid social media and media relations strategies formulated and implemented
  4. Impactful stories on programme’s beneficiaries created and disseminated
  5. Future Ready Asia website regularly managed
  6. Public relations’ events organised successfully
  7. Innovative communication and knowledge management products created
  8. Campaign monitoring system established

Below are the outputs that the Communication Consultant must achieve throughout the consultancy and outlines the estimated number of working days that are allocated in the consultancy.



Target Deadline

Estimated # of working days foreseen*

Development of communication strategy and work plan

1 document of communication strategy and 1 work plan

End April 2019

Up to 5 days

Development of programme’s branding guideline

1 document of branding guideline

End April 2019

Up to 5 days

Development of social media plan

At least 50 social media posts and 1 document of promotion schedule

Continuous until the end of assignment

2 w/d per month (x 10 months) = 20 days)

Media relations

At least 10 press releases

Continuous until the end of assignment

1 w/d (x 5 months) = 5 days

Development and dissemination of success stories

At least 15 stories on programme beneficiaries

Continuous until the end of assignment

2 w/d (x 5 months) = 10 days

Management of Future Asia Ready’s website

3 times per week website update

10 days

Regular communication with website developer and IT team

Organisation of public relations events

Organisation of at least 3 key events

Continuous until the end of assignment

4 w/d (x 5 months) = 20 days

Coordination with all parties involved, including Microsoft, speakers, vendor, etc.

Preparation of communication products, including design and printing

Development of communication and knowledge management products

At least 4 knowledge management products

Continuous until the end of assignment

5 days

5 days

2 w/d (x 5 months) = 10 days

3 communication products (brochure, infographic, etc.)

Development of campaign monitoring system

1 campaign monitoring system

End of May 2019

Up to 4 days

1 final report showing the impact of the communication campaign

End of assignment

Up to 3 w/d

Development of communication SOP and branding guideline for ASEAN Foundation

1 communication SOP of ASEAN Foundation

October 2019

Up to 4 days

1 branding guideline of ASEAN Foundation

October 2019

Up to 4 days


100 days

*The mentioned number of working days has been estimated as being sufficient/feasible for the envisaged volume of work to be completed successfully and is proposed as a guideline for the duration of the assignment. It cannot and shall not be used as criteria for completion of work/assignment. The provision of envisaged deliverables approved by the Communication Manager of the ASEAN Foundation shall be the only criteria or the consultant’s work being completed and eligible for payment.

Key Performance Indicators

  • Timely and quality deliverables for communication, visibility and publicity
  • Adherence to ASEAN Foundation’s standards and rules
  • Timely organisation of events
  • Number of communication materials, products, posts developed and disseminated


The Communication Consultant will report to the Communication Manager and will work closely with the Project Officer of the ASEAN Digital Innovation programme under the supervision of the Programme Manager with guidance from the Executive Director of the ASEAN Foundation. To ensure good coordination with the Project Officer, the Consultant is also expected to be to be present at the office. The attendance will be in consultation with the Programme Manager and the Project Officer


  • Bachelor’s Degree minimum in Communication and Public Relations
  • A minimum of 3 years in communication field and 1 year in developing and leading impactful, large-scale communication campaign, particularly in dynamic sector
  • Familiar with project management
  • Strong media relations network and social media savvy
  • Possess basic design and video editing skills
  • Strong communication skills: fluent written and verbal English both inter-personally and in business setting
  • Excellent experience in producing human interest stories
  • Prior experience in website administration
  • Strong presentation skills
  • Highly agile and adaptable and calm under pressure
  • Prior experience with the ASEAN sectoral bodies would be an advantage


The duty station is in the ASEAN Foundation’s office in Jakarta.


All information pertaining to this initiative (photographs and video documentation) belonging to the ASEAN Foundation, which the consultant may come into contact with in the performance of his/her, duties under this assignment shall remain the property of the ASEAN Foundation who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable. While the credit title of photographs and videos belong to the creator.


The price proposal should indicate a “lump sum amount” which is “all inclusive” for the tasks specified in the terms of reference. Payments will be made upon submission and approval of deliverables as above, and certification by the Communications Manager. The amount will depend on the abovementioned deliverables and supporting documents completed by the consultant and accepted/approved by the Communications Manager and should be delivered within the agreed timeline. Without submission and approval of deliverables, the Consultant shall not receive any payment if s/he invests time for this assignment.


The duration of the assignment will be from April 2019 to January 2020.


Interested individual consultants must submit the following documents/information to to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Expression of interest explaining why you are interested in this position and what professional skills and experiences make you a strong candidate
  • A separate page of financial proposal, specifying a total lump sum amount for the tasks specified in this terms of reference. The financial proposal shall include a breakdown of the lump sum amount
  • Copies of writing samples

  1. DEADLINE FOR APPLICATION: Thursday, 28 March 2019

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