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The ASEAN Foundation Model ASEAN Meeting or AFMAM is the ASEAN Foundation flagship programme to raise ASEAN awareness and promote greater ownership of the ASEAN Community amongst the young people throughout the region. It is designed to promote interest in ASEAN diplomacy by getting participants to know how decision making is conducted at the ASEAN level through an authentic simulation exercises. It also intends to promote regional friendship and to develop skills in negotiation, public speaking, consensus building, for the participants.

The ASEAN Foundation has been organising the AFMAM for the past three years. The First AFMAM 2015 was organised in Selangor, Malaysia, in November 2015. The 2nd AFMAM 2017 was held in Vientiane, Lao PDR, in October 2016. The 3rd AFMAM 2017 was conducted in Manila, the Philippines, in September 2017. The ASEAN Foundation intends to organise the 4th AFMAM 2018 on 3 – 8 July 2018 in Singapore as the ASEAN Chair 2018. Each AFMAM brings own specific thematic focus. The 4th AFMAM 2018 will focus on issues which are in line with the tagline of the ASEAN Chairmanship of Singapore, i. e. Resilient and Innovative.

The AFMAM has been a platform for the young people to learn about ASEAN affairs in a fun and educative way. It is done through simulation exercises of major ASEAN meetings, involving simulation of Senior Officials Meeting (SOM) up to ASEAN Summit levels, which will provide intimate understanding of the ASEAN decision-making processes and mechanisms. The AFMAM is conducted over a period of six days, consisting of two days for on-site coaching/workshop, three days of simulation exercise, and one day for institutional visit.

During this six-day AFMAM, the selected participating delegates will be assigned to role-play ASEAN high-level officials of one Member State other than their own. They will gain an understanding of the decision-making processes in ASEAN as they simulate different ASEAN meetings. They will also obtain a broad perspective and comprehension of ASEAN through expert lectures and workshops/coaching sessions. Guided by the Model ASEAN Meeting Guidebook, developed by the ASEAN Foundation in 2015, as well as through online preparation and on-site briefings and rehearsals, the participants will have the opportunity to simulate relevant ASEAN meetings in a realistic setting. At the same time, they will have the opportunity to improve their research and other soft skills such as in public speaking, team work, and leadership as they go through a series of meetings throughout the six-day programme. To start, participants will carry out research for their country papers and then bring this information to bear during the various simulation exercises.

Target participants are undergraduate university students and faculty advisors from the ten ASEAN Member States. Over the span of three years since 2015, the AFMAM has reached out over 1,000 students, teachers, and faculty members.

The ASEAN Foundation is now calling for proposals to help with the organisation of the 4th AFMAM 2018 and improve the AFMAM by:

  1. Expanding participation to be double than the previous AFMAMs, i. e. from 80 to 160 persons, to also now simulate two-track meeting.
  2. Developing a guiding document that will help the audience distinguish the Model ASEAN Meeting from the Model United Nations (MUN).
  3. Delivering coaching/workshop to the participants before and during the 4th AFMAM 2018.
  4. Strengthening sustainability aspect of the AFMAM by delivering a Training of Trainers (TOT) programme at the later part of 2018 in order to yield a pool of AFMAM trainers across the region.
  5. Assisting in the administrative and logistical aspect related to venue, accommodation, volunteer management.


The AFMAM has served as an effective tool and one of learning strategies for students to learn about ASEAN affairs and ASEAN diplomacy. Some of its alumni have gone back to their countries and organised their own national/university level Model ASEAN Meetings. It also sparks interest on the ASEAN Dialogue Partners to organise their Model ASEAN Meetings to promote ASEAN.

To retain the interests of the audience in the AFMAM, it is deemed necessary to continue to improve the substance and content of the AFMAM to meet the current needs and keep it up to date. It is also important to continue to encourage the learning of ASEAN across the region using the AFMAM approach not only through the regional AFMAM, but also local level Model ASEAN Meeting guided by the AFMAM procedures.


This consultation service aims at engaging an experienced professional, whether as individual or through a firm/company, who is expected to contribute to the implementation of the 4th AFMAM 2018 in Singapore on 3 – 8 July 2018, do the marketing and communication for the 4th AFMAM 2018, provide inputs to the development and improvement of the Model ASEAN Meeting Guidebook, provide the necessary trainings to the 4th AFMAM 2018 participants guided by the newly updated resources, plan and deliver the TOT to potential identified participants in Jakarta in October 2018, and establish alumni engagement systems to sustain the AFMAM. The selected consultant will also support the simulation exercise as a resource person for the six-day regional AFMAM in Singapore in July 2018.


The consultancy service will entail the following tasks and responsibilities:

  1. Programme Operations Development for the 4th AFMAM 2018, Singapore, 3 – 8 July 2018
  • Development of learning journey experiences
  • Sourcing and procurement of venue and accommodation
  • Development of operations plan
  • Executing the operations
  • Coordinating and executing the procurement of logistics
  1. Sponsorship Package and Outreach for the 4th AFMAM 2018
  • Development of sponsorship package to raise funds in Singapore
  • Working with the ASEAN Foundation to coordinate sponsorship outreach efforts
  • Outreach to Singapore government, academic, and private sector stakeholders for sponsorship
  1. Marketing and Communication for the 4th AFMAM 2018
  • Consulting with the ASEAN Foundation on the marketing and social media efforts
  1. Volunteers for the 4th AFMAM 2018
  • Volunteer recruitment
  • Volunteer management
  1. Document Development for the 4th AFMAM 2018

Development of the following documents that will be used by the participating delegates before and during the 4th AFMAM 2018:

  • Guidebook to explain the difference between the Model UN (MUN) and Model ASEAN Meeting (MAM), including printing of the materials
  • Topic guides based on the themes of the 4th AFMAM 2018
  • Templates for position and strategy papers
  1. Online Trainings for the 4th AFMAM 2018

Development of four (4) online training sessions covering the following topics:

  • Introduction to AFMAM and theme of the 4th AFMAM 2018
  • Pre-conference tasks – i. e. Position and strategy paper preparation
  • Role of the Team Advisors
  • Feedback session on position and strategy papers
  1. Delivering the coaching/workshop during the 4th AFMAM 2018
  2. Alumni Engagement
  • Developing AFMAM alumni engagement systems and strategy
  • Regular engagement of the AFMAM alumni, with the goal of initiating at least one Model ASEAN Meeting in each ASEAN country by 2020
  1. Training of Trainers (TOT) of AFMAM, Jakarta, October 2018
  • Developing curriculum, including printing the final curriculum book for the use of the TOT
  • Delivering the TOT in October 2018
  1. Final Report submission, capturing the whole report of the tasks and responsibilities, including listing down the deliverables achieved, the challenges faced, the lessons learnt, recommendations for future AFMAM.


  1. Programme operations plan.
  2. Recommended venue and accommodation.
  3. Sponsorship package and funds contribution.
  4. Marketing and communication plan which is aligned with the ASEAN Foundation’s plan, publicity of the AFMAM.
  5. Volunteers recruited and well allocated.
  6. A guidebook on the difference of Model ASEAN Meeting and Model UN Conference.
  7. Topic guides based on the AFMAM theme.
  8. Template for the participants’ working papers.
  9. Online preparatory trainings covering introduction to AFMAM and its theme, role of team advisors, paper finalisation.
  10. Participation in the six-day 4th AFMAM 2018 as AFMAM coach consultant.
  11. Alumni engagement systems.
  12. TOT: Training curriculum and the TOT.
  13. Final Report.


The selected consultant shall undertake the assignment described above within the period of May – December 2018 with the timeframe indicated below.


The Consultant will work under the overall guidance of the ASEAN Foundation Executive Director supervised by the officer-in-charge of the AFMAM during the assignment period.


A quotation/financial proposal is required responding to the required needs. Support for travels to Jakarta for the TOT delivery will be borne by the ASEAN Foundation. Payment of service will be linked to deliverables.



• At least three (3) years of experience in organising and/or coaching Model UN regionally and at least five (5) years in organising and/or coaching Model UN nationally

• Experience in developing manuals and guidebooks for youth/students

• Familiarity with training methodologies and training

• Proven track record of knowledge on Model UN rules and procedures

• Involvement in Model ASEAN Meeting simulation

• Familiarity with ASEAN meetings, mechanisms, and processes

• Excellent presentation and communication skills

• Experience with fund raising landscape in Singapore for MUN events


• Have undergone an undergraduate education or final year in law, social sciences, or humanities


All interested applicants are to send application, stating the position with the following documents to 1). application letter; 2). profile of the applicant specifying the experiences/past works and qualifications corresponding to the requirements this position is seeking; 3). financial proposal.


25 April 2018

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