Consultant for Advanced Communication Training, 14 October 2018, Cebu, the Philippines

Deadline: 2018-09-17

(as part of Advanced Capacity Building Workshop organised under

the 2018/2019 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship programme)


First launched by the ASEAN-U.S. Partnership for Good Governance, Equitable and Sustainable Development and Security (PROGRESS) with funding support from USAID in 2014, the ASEAN Science and Technology (S&T) Fellowship aims to encourage appropriate talent and application of scientific inputs into policy making in S&T ministries and promote a more cross-sectoral approach to applying evidence and data for evidence-based policymaking across all 10 ASEAN Member States (AMS). Through the Fellowship programme, fellows are embedded in line ministries or other agencies within their home countries, providing them with increased technical capacity to make informed science-based policy decisions. The 2018/2019 ASEAN S&T Fellowship is already underway, placing 17 fellows from 9 AMS in relevant ministries within their home countries.

Realising that the betterment of fellows’ knowledge and skills is critical to support the promotion of science-based policymaking across ASEAN regions, capacity building activity has always been considered as one of the priorities of the ASEAN S&T Fellowship. In 2018/2019 Fellowship, such commitment will be evidenced by the implementation of a 1-day advanced communication training on 14 October 2018 in Cebu, the Philippines, which targets 17 current fellows and 35 fellowship alumni. The focus of the training will be on science communication; hence, a highly qualified communication consultant will be assigned to lead the training and deliver up-to-date, relevant, and impactful science communication topics to 52 participants.


A science communication-themed advanced communication training plays critical role in equipping current and past fellows with necessary knowledge and skills to communicate with and engage policymakers and other key stakeholders in effective manner. In this context, the communication training will enable all 52 participants to get the know-how in developing and implementing effective science communication strategy, to write engaging scientific writing that can reach the policy makers, to create impactful storytelling to public, and to deal with media interviews. The involvement of fellowship alumni is a strategic step that aims to engage them and solidify their commitment to encourage science-based policymaking in their respective countries.

A training consultant will be responsible for creating and delivering a comprehensive 1-day curriculum that is able to cover the most important subjects of science communication. For this purpose, a consultant with excellent portfolio in science communication and innovative approach in training delivery is a necessity to ensure a knowledge-rich learning experience for all attending participants.


The Training Consultant will work under direct supervision of the ASEAN S&T Fellowship Senior Programme Officer under the guidance of the the Executive Director. S/he will work in close collaboration with Communication Unit and the Head of Finance and Administration to finalize final figures from the audited financial reports.


The science communication-themed advanced communication training aims to equip all current and past fellows with necessary knowledge and skills so that they can become a better science communicator. By becoming a better science communicator, all participants will be able to continue their effort in promoting science-based policymaking across ASEAN regions in the long run.


  • Increased knowledge of participants about science communication

Indicator: Increased knowledge of 80% out 52 participants about science communication

  • Enhance science communication capacities of participants

Indicator: Enhanced science communication capacities of 80% out 52 participants


  • Training curriculum and the presentation materials are available, covering all the courses mentioned in the agenda (attached)
  • All the fellows’ assignment report compiled, assessed and shared to the ASEAN Foundation as part of comprehensive evaluation training report (exercises on strategy for science communication, technique on scientific writing, power of storytelling to public, and how to deal with press and media).
  • One training evaluation report is available


The duration of the consultancy is six weeks. The estimated timeframe does not reflect the actual number of days worked but the recommended time needed to complete those tasks. The consultant must deliver the 1-day training on 14 October 2018 in Cebu, the Philippines.

The time frame for the outcomes and outputs are as follows:

  1. Outcome

Survey report on increased knowledge : 21 October 2018

  1. Output

Training curriculum : 24 September 2018

PowerPoint materials : 5 October 2018

Comprehensive evaluation training report : 29 October 2018


  • University degree in communications, social sciences or other related fields
  • Minimum requirement is 10 years of demonstrated experience in delivering science communication training
  • Preference is for candidates with 5 years of demonstrated experience in producing and delivering science communication-related training
  • Experienced in public relation and have a broad network with government sectors and media
  • Excellent ability in developing and producing science communication-related collaterals
  • Superior command of English-language, spoken and written
  • Diplomacy, willingness to respond to suggestions within the review and feedback process
  • Strong ability to analyse results and produce comprehensive evaluation report
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to engage and interact with diverse people
  • Ability to listen and commitment to produce the agreed deliverables, as articulated by the client


Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications to the e-mail address please put the subject ACT_S&TFellowship2018. The application should consist of:

a. CV and portfolio

b. Quotation


Monday, 17 September 2018.

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