Consultant for Capacity Development of 2019/20 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellowship, June 2019, Bali

Deadline: 2019-04-12


Consultant for Capacity Development

2019/20 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellows


ASEAN Foundation launched the fifth cycle of the ASEAN Science and Technology (S&T) Fellowship in January 2019[1] to support ASEAN priorities and goals by bridging the science-to-policy gap, synthesizing scientific information for use in national-level strategy development and policy-making processes.

The Fellowship provides opportunity for early-career ASEAN scientists to contribute their knowledge and analytical skills to their national governments. Fellows will be serving in sectoral or line ministries or other agencies within their home countries, providing them with increased technical capacity to make informed, science-based policy decisions. The application for 2019/20 Fellowship has been closed and it successfully received 330 applications from ten ASEAN member states.

Modeled after the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Science & Technology Policy Fellowship in the United States, the ASEAN S&T Fellowship provides activities to ensure professional and personal development for the fellows who are participating in this programme. This is achieved through formal training opportunities provided throughout the programme year, which ASEAN Foundation will focus on two general areas to be addressed by this procurement:

  1. Communication Skills: This includes written and verbal communication such as understanding stakeholders and target audiences, writing clearly and concisely, presentations, and negotiation, diplomatic, and interpersonal skills.
  2. Leadership Skills: This includes leadership, management, networking, and working in a team environment.

Meanwhile, at the end of 2019, the ASEAN Foundation will focus on further enhancing Fellows’ skills in the area of:

  • Communicating Science: This includes presentation skills, policy writing, and how to communicate science to both the public and ASEAN policymakers e.g. ASEAN Committee on Science, Technology and Innovation (COSTI).


To improve the capacity and professional skills of 16 selected fellows from 10 ASEAN countries in the areas of communication and leadership.


The selected offeror will develop a training curriculum and conduct a three-day interactive training workshop which will be delivered in English, as follows:

  1. Communication Skills: This includes written and verbal communication such as understanding stakeholders and target audiences; writing clearly and concisely; presentations; and negotiation, diplomatic, and interpersonal skills.

Expected learning outcomes: In terms of writing skills, fellows will understand and practice the essentials of good writing, particularly clear identification of purpose and audience, accuracy, brevity, clarity, tone, and writing styles for different types of audiences and publications. In terms of verbal skills, fellows will understand and practice effective oral presentations, tailoring their messages to the audience, techniques for getting their messages across effectively, overcoming “stage fright”, handling disagreements and opposing points of view, understanding cultural nuances, body language; and listening skills. In addition, the fellows will understand how to plan and chair meetings, prepare and deliver speeches, and tailor and articulate message effectively to variety of audiences.

  1. Leadership Skills: This includes leadership, management, networking and working in a team environment.

Expected learning outcomes: Fellows will understand leadership skills and responsibilities, how to build high-performing, efficient, effective, and motivated teams, delegation, techniques for managing team conflict and handling difficult people, time management and prioritization, and how to develop confidence and self-esteem. It is expected that an internationally-recognised personality behavioral analysis can be implemented to assist the fellows in assessing their own strengths and adapt their behavior to perform effectively as a leader.


Task 1: Work plan for the entire capacity development support

The work plan should include a detailed training outline, methodology, and curriculum for the three-day capacity building workshop.

Task 2: Training Workshop

The Offeror is to conduct a three-day training workshop for up to eighteen[2] participants, including sixteen 2019/20 ASEAN Science and Technology Fellows. The training materials and workshop will be delivered in English. The training methods and tools will include group presentations, discussion, and role-playing, possibly video-recording and experiential educational formats that are proven to be stimulating and effective. The workshop should be interactive and provide a dynamic and enjoyable environment for adult learning.

Task 3: Final Training Report

A final report template will be provided to the offeror. The final training report will cover the following sections:

a. Executive summary: Provide a summary of the work performed, outputs, and further recommendations.

b. Background and objectives: Describe activities and objectives as linked to the scope of work.

c. Tasks and deliverables: Describe the work performed. For each task, please provide the reference(s) of the programmatic outputs/deliverables. Attach the programmatic outputs/deliverables, such as training workshop agenda, training curriculum and materials, list of participants, handouts, summary findings of participants’ pre- and post-tests, etc.

d. Recommendations: Provide observations and recommendations going forward, e.g. proposed next steps, follow-up with partners and participants, follow-on activities and/or monitoring, anticipated challenges, etc.

e. Completed folder containing a kit of lecture materials and additional reading resources available to the participants.


  1. Approved Training Work Plan
  2. Successful Implementation of the three-day Training Workshop (in English)
  3. Submission of Approved Final Training Report





Deliverable #1: Approved training work plan

Approx. 4 weeks before the training workshop


Deliverable #2: Successful implementation of the three-day Training Workshop (in English) at the end of June 2019

Anticipated workshop dates between 21 June through 28 June 2019 (TBD)


Deliverable #3: Submission of approved final training report

Latest 2 August 2019 (TBD)





The offeror will be engaged in supporting the monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of activities in order to collect data relevant to ASEAN Foundation programme indicators.

  1. Pre- and Post-Test

Pre- and post-test instruments will be designed by the offeror in collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation. The tests will be administered before and after the training workshop to measure the fellows’ knowledge and skills before and after the training. The offeror is requested to assist in collecting the information, conducting data analysis and submitting the data to the ASEAN Foundation.

  1. Event Evaluation Form

Prior to the closing of the training workshop, the offeror will ask the fellows to complete an Event Evaluation Form relating to the participants’ evaluation of the training workshop. A standardized questionnaire will be developed by the ASEAN Foundation and will evaluate the following:

  • The extent to which the workshop met its stated learning objectives;
  • The “most valuable lessons learned” from the workshop; the organisation of the workshop; the quality of the trainers/resource persons/facilitators; the relevance of the topics covered;
  • Suggestions for future workshops, including how to improve them
  • Other data collection forms, if required. The ASEAN Foundation will be in charge and responsible for collecting other data.


The training location will be in most likely in Bali, Indonesia in the last week of June 2019. The period of performance is from May through August 2019 (TBC). The offeror is expected to perform the tasks satisfactorily and will be paid upon submission of the required deliverables, once approved by the management of ASEAN Foundation. The offeror will report to the Senior Project Officer for S&T Fellowship.


Interested consultants must submit the following documents/information to and to demonstrate their qualifications:

  • Expression of interest explaining why you are interested in this position and what professional skills and experiences make you a strong candidate
  • A separate page of financial proposal, specifying a total lump sum amount for the tasks specified in this terms of reference. The financial proposal shall include a breakdown of the lump sum amount
  • CV and portfolios


12 April 2019

[1] The call for applications for 2019/20 Fellows has been posted on ASEAN Foundation’s website and two videos showcasing Fellows Orientation in 2018 and about the fellowship programme can be viewed on and

[2] There may be additional participants/observers from ASEAN Foundation at the training workshop.

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