Photographer and Videographer for
 Regional Capacity Building and Orientation Workshop of eMpowering Youth Across ASEAN

Deadline: 2019-01-02



The eMpowering Youths Across ASEAN is a partnership programme between Maybank Foundation and the ASEAN Foundation that aims to alleviate poverty, and improve the social and economic well- being of ASEAN communities through youth volunteerism and social innovation. The programme targets youths between the ages of 19 to 35 years old from all 10 ASEAN Member States to be change-makers by providing a platform to learn, contribute, and advocate solutions to social and economic issues.

In its implementation, the programme will select a total of 10 qualified youths from each ASEAN Member States and they will be deployed in the selected community areas in Cambodia, Indonesia and Malaysia to work with the civil society organisations (CSOs) and social enterprises to undertake a two-week community project under the themes of community empowerment, arts and culture, environmental diversity and education.

The workshop is an excellent source of materials that can be used for future communication activities of the programme. For this reason, we require the assistance of qualified documentation team to capture high-quality videos and photos as well as to provide the manpower and equipment for regional workshop’s Facebook Live.


Under the direct supervision of the Communication Manager of the ASEAN Foundation, the photographer and videographer are required to capture and produce high quality photos and videos as well as to provide the organiser with manpower and equipment to carry out Facebook Live.


The duty station will be in Bangkok, Thailand. Therefore, it is preferable to hire consultants who are based in Bangkok. The duration of assignment will be from 21 January to 21 February 2018. The consultants are required to attend the regional workshop from 22 to 26 January 2019. The remaining duration shall be used to edit and finalise the photos and videos.


  1. Video documentation of the workshop, that consists of:
  • 8 edited videos of youth testimonies with 1-minute duration per video, completed with English subtitle
  • A 2–minute edited video that captures the event highlights and features interviews/testimonies, complete with English subtitle. The video must be social media responsive
  • Raw video footages taken during the five-day workshop
  • The video deliverables are expected to be submitted to ASEAN Foundation by 16 February 2019

  1. A collection of high-quality edited photographs depicting the activities of the event in digital format

Throughout the event, the photographer will be requested to capture the photos of participants. The edited photographs are expected to be submitted to ASEAN Foundation by 9 February 2019.

  1. Manpower and equipment for Facebook Live

There is one segment of the workshop that will be livestreamed on ASEAN Foundation’s Facebook. For this purpose, the consultants are required to provide:

  • 1 Facebook Live operator, apart from the documentation team
  • Facebook Live equipment, such as compatible laptop, mixer, camera, shotgun mic and other relevant tools


All information pertaining to this project (photo and video documentation) belong to the ASEAN Foundation, which the consultant may come into contact with in the performance of his/her. Duties under this assignment shall remain the property of the Maybank and ASEAN Foundation who shall have exclusive rights over their use. Except for purposes of this assignment, the information shall not be disclosed to the public nor used in whatever without written permission of the ASEAN Foundation in line with the national and International Copyright Laws applicable.


  • Skilled in photography, videography and editing
  • Experienced in taking photo and video for international forums and conferences
  • Ownership or possession of a high-resolution state of the art digital camera and video camera and equipment is a MUST
  • Experience in Facebook Live
  • Have excellent command in English verbal and writing
  • Priority will be given to applicants who are residing in Bangkok. ASEAN Foundation will not cover any travel and accommodation cost for applicants who are residing outside Bangkok
  • Ability to work in tight deadline


Interested and suitably qualified candidates should forward their applications to the e-mail address Please be advised to put the email subject of CPV_EYAA2019. Interested applicants are required to submit the following documents:

  1. CVs and portfolio of each team member
  2. Quotation


Wednesday, 2 January 2019.

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