Reporting ASEAN

Our flagship programme under “Media” theme is “Reporting ASEAN” which was embarked by the ASEAN Foundation and IPS Asia-Pacific with funding support from the Japan-ASEAN Solidarity Fund through the ASEAN Foundation, and the Rockefeller Foundation in 2015. It aims to encourage better reporting on ASEAN.

This media fellowship programme was initiated to respond to a content analysis on Southeast Asian newspapers done by the IPS Asia-Pacific in 2012 where it was revealed that media reportage on ASEAN focused mainly on officialdom related to various ASEAN high profile events and on around what state officials said about ASEAN issues. There was not enough room for ASEAN citizens to convey their views about ASEAN and how ASEAN would affect their everyday life.

Against the backdrop of this information gap, South-east Asian journalists – in order to become more informed, more credible voices for information and accountability – need to be better equipped about ASEAN’s brand of regionalism, how the organization really works, the import of its decisions to move from an organization into a community, issues such as gaps between the richer and poorer ASEAN members, and the development challenges that come with integration.

The “Reporting ASEAN” consists of two sets of capacity-building activities:

  • a reporting series that gives journalists from ASEAN countries opportunities to craft and carry out in-depth reportage of ASEAN regional issues, in particular around the ASEAN Community.
  • the organization of a three-day or two-day media congress on ASEAN media issues for the region’s journalists and other participants interested in ASEAN, development, economics and culture, media, development and information issues in the region.

The upcoming Reporting ASEAN Media Forum will be organised in Bangkok, Thailand on 17-18 February 2017. Consisting of plenary and parallel sessions, the forum will discuss key issues around ASEAN integration, the ASEAN Community and challenges in covering ASEAN as a regional story.

Reporting ASEAN 2017 is hosted by Probe Media Foundation Inc. The second phase of Reporting ASEAN is supported by an ASEAN-Canada project, funded by the Government of Canada. It is also in partnership with AirAsia, through collaboration with the ASEAN Foundation.